Author: Sybil Nelson

Sybil Nelson: Author of Priscilla the Great...and a bunch of other stuff!

I have always had a love of the written word. While I was in grade school I would dedicate each summer to a different author and then ride public transportation from my low-income housing to the library in order to quench my literary thirst. I love stories and characters that feel like they are someone you know or a part of your family. I noticed, however, that the books I loved never had any black female characters. If I wanted to read about characters who looked like me, I had to go to a different section of the library. Thus, I began to create story lines and characters that extended beyond the books I loved. While working as a math teacher and finishing my master's degree in Mathematics at the College of Charleston, I began my writing career. To date I have multiple novels published under several names. Check out my bookstore to purchase some of my novels.

New Release

Pride and Prejudice in Space

Who is Priscilla the Great?

Priscilla is a feisty 12 year old who one day discovers she can shoot fire out of her fingers. Join her on her journey to discover why...oh, and save the world along the way.

Marco Avalon

Marco Avalon was a popular character in the Priscilla the Great universe. He was so popular that daily I would get emails from fans asking about him. Eventually I decided to give him his own series of books entitled Dark Marco which tells his origin story. In 2017 you can also expect another book featuring Marco entitled Marco Vs. Ian.

Leslie DuBois

As Leslie DuBois I write interracial love stories as well as other realistic tales. I, as Sybil Nelson, do not in any way condone things like murder or fornication. These stories features flawed characters who eventually learn to do the right thing. Please check out my Leslie DuBois books here.