Public Speaking

  • From Poverty to PhD

    In this 45 minute talk, I discuss how I went from living on public assistance to earning a PhD. I talk about many of the challenges that face underprivileged children and how we can overcome them and defy the odds.

    This speech is great for middle school and high school students though I could possibly tailor it for elementary kids. I have also given this speech to adults and adjusted it for the appropriate event.

    This is my favorite speech to give as it is highly motivational and inspirational. I also tie in some of my books and read selected quotes.

  • General Book Talk

    This is a general book talk about one or more of my books depending on the age group. I provide a reading and offer prizes to students. I also encourage them to explore their imagination and become creative thinkers and writers.

  • Writing Workshop

    My writing workshop is designed to help students craft their own short story. I give them the tools to think about plot development, character development and setting. The workshop can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or can be tailor made to suit the needs of your school and students.

    If these talks are for a school, I also provide classroom visits where I can provide more one on one attention and answer more questions from the students.